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Before you begin treatment, you and your doctor will work together to determine whether ZYNTEGLO® is right for you.

ZYNTEGLO is only available at select specialized hospitals called Qualified Treatment Centers (QTCs). Each ZYNTEGLO QTC has been carefully selected based on their expertise in areas such as transplant, cell, and gene therapy, and is trained to administer ZYNTEGLO. Your hematologist will work with them to coordinate your care.

As you and your doctor discuss ZYNTEGLO, my bluebird support is here to help you determine which QTC may be right for you. ZYNTEGLO will be available at a limited number of QTCs. my bluebird support can help locate QTCs that are in network with your insurance provider.

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my bluebird support

In addition to talking to your healthcare provider team, our patient services program, my bluebird support, can help you along on your ZYNTEGLO treatment journey, including locating a QTC that may be right for you.

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